happy birthday goddess bae;


A lot of my favorites groups change their line up like clothes, but i keep support them even if my favorite left the group. Because i know they can’t be always a ‘idol’ they’re humans they grown up and being old. Can u imagine them performing their dance routines at 40’ ? Seriously ! they will end their ‘idol’ carreer one day. Maybe they continue as solo, actor, model, designer, etc. Fans support their stars no matter what happens. Be happy for your idol, your support in their new lifes means a lot for them. Being haters no help and will hurts them.


I’m a big Sone (my last name was Sone on my facebook) i’m really sad that Jessica left the group even she wasn’t my favorite. BUT netizens need to calm down, Jessica just left the group to become a designer, what she dreamed to do. She is not gone. She is still alive. Think about Lavelys who lost 2 members and will can’t see them again. It’s stupid doing petitions for Jess comeback, it’s HER decision and we have to accept it and wish her to success in her new life. 

(sorry for my english!) 

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© 안녕, 봄 | Do not edit.

Hello Venus ‘Go Crazy’ with their new member ? (x

our maknae yooyoung being cute

wonahyeon’s photohttp://instagram.com/p/kvZNz3haM9/

My favorite YG dancer is married, congrats Jihye and her hubby please take care of her ♥.

siyeon; why did you come to my home?

Happy 19th birthday Asami Zdrenka!

EunB dreamed to ranked N°1 with “I’m Fine Thank You” Let’s make her dream come true and make this song ranked first on music shows for EunB #RIPEunB #PrayForLadiesCode

19/endless of my favorite k-pop ladies; park kyungri.


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